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One of the necessities of recording audio is a good microphone. However, the great studio microphones you read about can be really expensive and definitely break your home studio budget. You don’t need a whole mic cabinet for a home studio and you definitely don’t need one that requires a bank loan if you are just starting out. Here are several microphones that you should definitely take note of when you are shopping around for your first microphone.

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This buyers guide is part of a series of articles to help the home studio owner kickstart their recording journey. Each buyers guide focuses on a different type of recording setup. Look out for more buyers guides and articles on how to make your first recordings in the upcoming weeks. Subscribe to the Soundgrains newsletter to receive updates in your inbox or like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

This singer-songwriter home studio is designed for the keyboardist or guitarist who wants a simple and budget friendly setup to record a solo vocals and keyboards or guitars. This singer-songwriter home studio setup will allow for the use of one microphone for your vocals and an instrument input for your guitar with a pickup.

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If you are a student or a musician that is just starting out, you might not have the budget to purchase a bunch of music production software to help you record and produce your own music. I too was once a student and perfectly understand the troubles that you are in.

There are always a bunch of free (legally free) software that helps you get started. Truth be told, majority of the free software out there are good enough for basic recording and production. The professional software are there to help professionals who record and produce on a daily basic to be faster and more productive. There’s no need to crack open the piggy bank to spend tons of money on a professional digital audio workstation when you are not going to use 90% of its features yet.

I have listed below five free(ish) digital audio workstations that I find would be the most useful to budding musicians and producers. These software would allow you to record, edit and mix audio and midi tracks.

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