Using the metronome in Pro Tools is essential for getting the right tempo for your track. Here are some fundamental skills you should have for working with tempo and the metronome in Pro Tools.

How to add a click track in Pro Tools

  1. In the menubar, click on Track then click the last item Add click track to insert a click track to the session.

How to change the tempo of the metronome in Pro Tools

There are two tempo modes in Pro Tools, Session Tempo and Manual Tempo.

To change the tempo in Session Tempo Mode

  1. In the Edit View, ensure the tempo ruler is showing.
  2. Double-click on the song start marker. It's the red diamond (or triangle if half of it is hidden) with the tempo value next to it.
  3. Enter your new tempo value

To change the tempo in Manual Tempo Mode

Note: The steps above will also work for manual tempo. The following steps will only work in Manual Tempo Mode.

  1. Open the transport window, ensure the MIDI Control Panel is showing.
  2. Make sure the conductor is turned off. This is to ensure we are in Manual Tempo Mode
  3. Click on the tempo value in the transport window and enter a new value. Remember to press Enter after you are done.

How to mute the metronome in Pro Tools

To mute the metronome you can either mute the click track or toggle the metronome with the metronome on/off in the transport controls under the MIDI controls panel. If you have a number pad on your keyboard the hotkey is Numpad 7.

Tap Tempo in Pro Tools

We have written an article and a video for tap tempo in Pro Tools. Check out the written article How to tap tempo in Pro Tools or check out the video tutorial for how to tap tempo in Pro Tools.

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