This quick tutorial will show you how to use the tap tempo function in Logic Pro X. Tap tempo in Logic Pro X is not a default feature and needs a couple of steps to get it working. You would expect Apple to make this feature much more accessible but here are the steps to get it working.

  1. Assign a key command to ‘Tap Tempo’. You can do this via the menubar under Logic Pro X > Key Commands > Edit. You can also access this panel with the key command ‘Opt + K’. Its best to use the search function to look for ‘Tap Tempo’.
  2. Looking under the File menu, go to Project Settings > Synchronization. Under sync mode, turn on ‘Auto-enable External Sync and Tap Tempo’. Leave the sync mode as Internal.
  3. With Logic Pro X not playing, tap the key command that you have assigned to ‘Tap Tempo’. On the fifth tap, Logic will start playing back and your new tempo will be set.
  4. If you wish to change the tempo, stop the transport and start tapping again.

Watch our Youtube video tutorial on "How to Tap Tempo in Logic Pro X" for more instructions

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