Do you find your guitar tracks thin and sounding small? Do you want richer and wider sounding guitar tracks? If you have having trouble getting wide sounding guitar tracks, I have put together a quick video tutorial on how to get wider and bigger sounding guitar tracks.

What is Doubling or Double Tracking?

Doubling (also known as double tracking) is a commonly used production technique where you sing or play along to your previously recorded track to produce a thicker or bigger sound. The overdubbed performance should preferbly be as similiar as possible in performance as the original track. Duplicating the track doesn’t work because doubling makes use of the subtle differences in pitch and timing of the track to create the effect. Duplicating the track will just result in a louder but not bigger sound.

Listen to modern recordings and you will notice that guitars are big, rich and wide. Doubling is used in majority of track to get a rich and wide sound. Doubling isnt limited to two layers of sound, some recordings are known for using ridiculous numbers of layers to create a wall of sound. Feel free to experiment with doubling more tracks to learn how it sounds and have fun doing it.

In The Video

We start out with a simply vocal track and guitar strumming. However, our track isn’t the most interesting at this point. Everything is panned in the centre and it doesn’t sound very wide. We’ll make use of doubling guitars and a few other tricks to get wider and bigger sound guitars. Ill also share some other tips that you can use to make your tracks better.

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