Soundtoys has annouced the release of their latest plug-in Little Plate, a plate reverb plug-in. Soundtoys are giving away Little Plate (reg. $99) for free until November 22, 2017. Little Plate is available for Mac (64-bit AAX, VST, AU) and Windows (64-bit AAX, VST). Little Plate will work in all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) including Pro Tools (10.3.5 or later), Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo.

Little Plate was inspired by the classic EMT 140 plate reverb, a legendary plate reverb in the recording industry. In true Soundtoys fashion, the team added some twists in the plug-in. While the EMT140 has a maximum reverb time of 5 seconds, Little Plate has a maximum decay time of infinity! The mod switch also throws in some modulation for a thicker and smoother sounding reverb tail.

First Impressions

I have only had a few minutes to play around with the Little Plate and I'm already impressed by what Soundtoys has accomplised. I will definitely be putting Little Plate through the paces with my future sessions. The reverb has a nice smooth reverb tail without a metallic and synthetic quality of some poorer emulations.

Soundtoys Little Plate user interface

If you did not know, Soundtoys has a pattern of creating a "little" or lite edition of their plug-ins before releasing the full version later on. Even their lite editions are a force to be reckoned with. The lite editions has usually free for a limited time upon initial release for the past couple of years. As usual, Soundtoys certainly did not disappoint and I am very appreciative of Soundtoys giving away such an awesome sounding reverb. Thank you Soundtoys! I can't wait to see what the big brother plug-in will be like.

Little Plate is a must have at the price of free. This promotion is only available till November 22th 2017. Get your free copy of Little Plate

Soundtoys made a teaser video which is chock full of fantastic views of the EMT140. Check it out below.

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