Avid has annouced an upcoming free ipad app that allows you to control and mix using your iPad. This soon to be released iPad app uses the EUCON protocol to wirelessly control Pro Tools. Avid also mentions that this would extend to Media Composer and other popular audio and video tools. The iPad app dubbed Pro Tools | Control would allow the use of the iPad to not only set fader levels but also use commands, macros, write automation, navigate sessions, and recalling surface layouts. Some of these features would have only been available on the expensive Avid control surfaces like the Artist series or larger control surfaces like the S3 and S6.

This is a great gesture on Avids part as the free iPad app would probably greatly extend the control capabilities for users who do not have an Avid EUCON control surface. Users with a control surface will probably also find the additional buttons and screen estate valuable in extending their setup as well.

What are our other options?

Currently the other third party solution is Neyrinks V-Control Pro. I reviewed the V-Control Pro on my website awhile back. Read the V-Control review here. Neyrink also offers a free version of the app with basic features such as fader and pan control.

What is EUCON?

The EUCON protocol is an Ethernet protocol developed by Euphonix, which has since been acquired by Avid, that allows the use of the hardware control surface to communicate with a software application. Currently the EUCON protocol has only been available on Avid and Euphonix control surfaces as it is a proprietory control protocol.

Other control surfaces usually use MIDI and the HUI protocol to interact and control your DAW application. This protocol is rather dated by now and doesnt allow controlling all the advanced features of your DAW.

When will be be released?

Avid has it listed as coming soon. You can find out more and sign up for a notification here or follow us on Facebook for all things music production and audio technology.

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