Free Waves Trueverb Reverb Plugin

Black Friday Giveaway – Waves Trueverb

As part of the Black Friday frenzy, Waves is giving away their Trueverb reverb plugin. All you need to do is pop in your email address on the giveaway page. This giveaway is only for the weekend so make sure to grab your copy before the weekend is over.

Trueverb isn’t the greatest or most expensive reverb but can be much better than some reverbs that come with DAWs. The Trueverb features controls to tweak reverb times such as predelays and decay times, as well as the frequency response of the reverb. Being able to tweak the frequency response of a reverb is very useful for fine tuning the sound of the reverb such as adding some brightness to a vocal reverb. You could add an EQ before or after your reverb plugin but its just easier to be able to save its together with your reverb settings. (more…)

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Monoplug Metronom Review

The Monoplug Metronom is an advanced metronome and speed trainer for the iPad. The main feature of the Metronom is the ability for the metronome speed to gradually increase in set intervals for practice sessions. Some musicians do not practice to a metronome and find it difficult to play to a metronome when required to, such as for a recording session. If you haven’t been practicing to a metronome I recommend trying it at your next practice session. Being able to play to a metronome is a very useful skills especially if you want to be a session musician. Gradually increasing the tempo of the metronome is a good way to develop accuracy when playing to a metronome. (more…)

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pro tools control ipad app

Video Demos of Pro Tools Control iPad App

For those of you who haven’t heard, Avid is prepping to release an iPad app for controlling Pro Tools. The app was demonstrated at Musikmesse 2015 and someone uploaded a video of it to Youtube. We’ve found several videos demonstrating the setup and functionality of the Pro Tools|Control iPad app. (more…)

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singer songwriter

Singer-Songwriter Home Studio Buying Guide

This buyer’s guide is part of a series of articles to help the home studio owner kickstart their recording journey. Each buyer’s guide focuses on a different type of recording setup. Look out for more buyer’s guides and articles on how to make your first recordings in the upcoming weeks. Subscribe to the Soundgrains newsletter to receive updates in your inbox or like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

This singer-songwriter home studio is designed for the keyboardist or guitarist who wants a simple and budget friendly setup to record a solo vocals and keyboards or guitars. This singer-songwriter home studio setup will allow for the use of one microphone for your vocals and an instrument input for your guitar with a pickup.

Here we will focus on the three main components for the singer-songwriter home studio setup. A microphone to record audio, an audio interface to connect the microphone to the computer, and a basic pair of monitor headphones to get started with recording and mixing. You can choose to upgrade each component to a better model later, but the suggestions below should get you started without spending a fortune. (more…)

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